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Easy by Tammara Webber

Easy struck a chord with me; the depiction of college life felt authentic and brought back memories of dorm days and frat parties and mean rumors and heartbreak and The Games We Play. Of course there’s a lot of texting too, which don’t exist in my memories because I AM OLD. Pagers, anyone?

Jacqueline, the girl formerly known as Jackie, has been dumped unceremoniously by her boyfriend, frat boy and future politician Kennedy. Honestly, I’m surprised that she wasn’t expecting it. He did, at one point say, “You’re my Jackie.” It’s supposed to be this sweet sentiment like, “We’re meant to be.” But what I saw was: “You’re the wife that I’m gonna step out on.” Crushed, Jacqueline doesn’t want to get out of bed, and she certainly doesn’t want to go to Econ and sit next to her now EX Boyfriend. Fortunately for her, there is a guy with a lip ring, tattoos, and charcoal smudged fingertips staring at her from the back of the classroom just waiting to step in. Because when God closes a door he sometimes opens a window. So that hot guys can climb in and watch you sleep.

I liked Jacqueline. She’s smart, she’s kind and she’s a bad ass who doesn’t let herself get knocked around. Also? She plays the upright bass. Hell yeah. I didn’t entirely hate Kennedy and I appreciated that he wasn’t completely written off as scum. He lets his little head make important decisions which is dumb but also so like a guy, am I right? I felt like he truly cared for Jacqueline and it was nice to see a bit of his home life and his interactions with his siblings.

Lucas, of the lip ring and tattoos and charcoal smudged fingertips, is just mysterious enough. He’s got a pretty heartbreaking backstory. He’s obviously into Jacqueline, but he still manages to give her mixed signals and act like he couldn’t give a rip, which is also SO like a guy, am I right? In case you were wondering: Lucas>Kennedy. Lucas is HAWT. Which brings me to one of my issues with the story: I felt that it was incredibly weird (and lame) that while Jacqueline is having a very serious conversation about rape with a group of girls, that as soon as Lucas’ name is mentioned (he volunteers as a self-defense assistant) the girls get all silly and swoony and “He is SO yummy.” Which is SO like girls, am I right? But seriously, it completely threw off the tone of the moment.

All in all, Easy was a sweet story about finding love and finding yourself. For me, Lucas is hot sauce because he helps make Jacqueline stronger, he encourages her independence and he makes an awesome sacrifice for her. I really did enjoy this book, and I’ll probably re-read it a million times.